Monday, October 10, 2011

SQLSaturday #101 Kansas City

     Wow! I'm thrilled to say the least.  SQLSaturday #101 is fast approaching and I'm looking forward for a nice road trip across Missouri and forgetting work for awhile.  This SQLSaturday for me is a special event. There has been a lot of talk and worry about the timing of the event (the date is right after the PASS Summit and competes with another mid-west SQLSaturday #87 in Louisville) but that hasn't  negatively effected the content.
     Call me an optimist but I don't think the arrangement could have been better. This will be a true community event in which some wonderful SQL professionals get to a first chance at speaking.  I received my first speaking opportunity almost one year ago at SQLSaturday #53 in Kansas City so the experience is fresh in my memory and I know what they'll go through and how the emotions will fluctuate from nervousness to intense satisfaction.  The one thing I know for certain is each new speaker will be hooked.  It's impossible to speak once and forget. Each new speaker will be another wonderful addition to future lineups in community events to come.

     I'm especially excited about three new speakers who will represent Saint Louis.  John Dempsey (@jjdemps) has two presentations, Sanil Mhatre (@SQLSuperGuru) has one presentation, and Travis Whitley has one presentation.  I encourage attendees to support them and give them a large audience.  My first SQLSaturday presentation had 5 people (it was on SQL Server and Healthcare so I expected a small, but dedicated audience)!

    I'm glad to hear that despite the timing the attendance will be high.  This tells me the interest in SQL learning is very high and there is plenty of demand.  This demand is a win-win for community, for speakers, and for sponsors.  Last year I unfortunately had to speak and leave but this year after my two presentations I look forward to spending the rest of the afternoon as an attendee.  It will be fun to get a full day of learning and then sit back and relax.

   In closing I want to just say enjoy the PASS Summit. I'll be closely following the twitter feeds and I really like the pictures posted.  I'll be living vicariously through you and wishing I was there.  Also enjoy SQLSaturday #87, it will be a great event and will definitely be on my "need-to-submit" bucket list.  But I really want to take a moment to thank Bill Fellows (@billinkc) who worked hard under a difficult situation to get SQLSaturday up and running.  He's provided a great opportunity for speakers and his work has helped significantly expand the SQL community.  I can't wait to be there!

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