Monday, October 31, 2011

Post SQLSaturday 101 Thoughts

I like writing a quick blog after a speaking engagement. I probably should write it sooner in order to capture everything while it is fresh in my memory but I guess sooner is better than later.

To begin with I can't say enough about the people involved in organizing these events. Bill Fellows (@billinkc) did another wonderful job and so did all the other volunteers.  Yet again I wasn't able to stay for the entire conference.  My wife caught the Fall flu and I had to head home to pick up the kids from a Halloween party.  Since I had to leave so suddenly I want to take this moment to thank them for allowing me to speak and for putting on a great event.

As I mentioned in my previous blog there were a lot of speakers who were speaking for the first time. I thought that was the most exciting part.  I have both a love and hate relationship with putting myself out of my comfort zone and sometimes I wonder why I do it.  I think I know the answer and it is because by reaching a little farther than we think we can go we are able to grow and learn from our experiences.  It was great seeing others doing this and succeeding.  Despite what the new speakers may think - they did succeed. Each of them succeeded just by the act of doing it.

I can pretty much graph my emotions leading up to and after a presentation.  I experience nervousness, panic, confidence, enjoyment, depression, and satisfaction.  What I do know is I never do as bad as I think I did and I never do as well as I wish I had. You can't please everyone but my goal is always to try to please more than half the audience. I should probably aim higher but then I try to be realistic. As I speak more and more my expectations rise.

SQLSaturdays are especially suited for new speakers and for speakers in the mid-range of their speaking careers. The best part - the audience is always appreciative and helpful. Maybe because admission is free it helps take the pressure off the speaker and lowers the audiences' expectations. Either way, I enjoy the idea of SQLSaturdays and I only wish I had the time and resources to attend more of them. So thanks to everyone who attended my sessions (don't hesitate to contact me) and thank you to Bill and the other volunteers for putting on a great show.  It was as fun as always.  Although the people who put it together may not be too anxious for the next one, I am already looking forward to next year. See you there!

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