Friday, April 8, 2011

SQLRally Day Two

I'm guessing day two will be a difficult day after a night enjoying the sites and sounds of Orlando. I plan on trying to pace myself but I've never been to good at doing so in the past.  These are the sessions I intend to participate in:

8:30 -  I plan to attend Kendra Little's presentation "Big and Tall: When to Partition".  The reason is two-fold. I'd like to see Kendra present and I learned yesterday I'll be heading up a project to configure a 10 TB SQL database which will contain PACS data. I see partitioning in my future.
9:40 - "SQL Server Troubleshooting via DMV's" by Steve Schneider.  I'm always excited about learning the ins and outs of DMVs. I hate to admit it but I don't use them enough. Bad DBA!
11:15 - Since my presentation is about managing large number of servers I have to go to John Sterrett's presentation "Evaluate Your Daily Checklist Against 100+ Instances of SQL Server While You Get a Cup of Coffee".  My only regret is that John's presentation isn't before mine so I can't steal any of his material. Just kidding John.
1:50 - After a lunch of dead cow and fried bacon I'll attend Thomas Grohser's "SQL Server Storage Engine Under the Hood: How SQL Server performs IO".  I rarely have time on my own to dive deep into the database engine black box so I hope to take this opportunity to have the material forcibly injected into my skull.
3:00 - Ed Wilson's "Windows PowerShell Best Practices for SQL DBA's". This should be a good compliment to Aaron's presentation. After both sessions I intend to be able to write a 1,000 lines of PowerShell code Friday night in my hotel room.
4:35 - Lastly I'll be at Jeremiah Peschka's "Fundamentals of SQL Server Internals".  I'm due for a refresher course especially since none of the previous stuff I've learned has managed to be retained in my brain.

That's it. Now that I put it all down in writing is seems like one heck of worldwind of knowledge. It'll be fun. I'm already stocking up on Four Loco!  Hope to see you there!

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