Thursday, April 7, 2011

I've Been Very Selfish

I've been so concerned with cranking out my SQLRally presentation (yeah, that's right - its not completed yet. I like to live on the edge) that I haven't thought about the other sessions I plan on attending. Since I'm new to the SQL Server community I'll base my decisions not only on the content of the presentation but also on the speaker.  I enjoy public speaking and I look forward to learning from others who have been doing it much longer than myself.

Thursday, May 12.
8:00AM - I'll be attending Aaron Nelson's presentation "The Dirty Dozen: Powershell Scripts for the Busy DBA".  Next to VM I believe Powershell is the "thing" right now. Also, I'm a DBA AND I'm busy, so it makes perfect sense.
9:40 - All the presenters are new names for me so I'm going with the most relevant topic.  I'll attend Eddie Wuerch's "Troubleshooting Performance Problems by Reading the Waits". This will be a good tie-in to my attempt at getting Ignite licenses purchased.
11:15 -  Looks like I'll be at Wesley Brown's presentation on "Understanding Storage Systems and SQL Server". Maybe he can help me lift the lid on the black box.
1:50 - Sorry folks, as much as I would love to see the other presentations I can't be at 2 places at once. Obviously <smirk> the Enterprise DBA presentation is a must-see.
3:00 - By this time I'll be wearing a bit thin.  After absorbing tons of knowledge, eating lunch, and pontificating I have a feeling I'll be hitting a wall. I'll attend Stacia Misner's "Data Visualizations in SSRS 2008 R2" and I'm sure to feel much better.
4:35 - As the final coup d'etat I'll attend "Aaron Betrand's What's New in SQL 2011 (Denali)".  The reason is both because Aaron and the topic. I'm in the middle of revising for 2011 Kathi Kellenberger's classic tale about T-SQL (Beginning T-SQL 2008). I want to make absolutely sure I don't miss anything.

That's it for day one. One last thing before I talk about day two tomorrow. I'll be attending Grant Fritchey's "Query Performance Tuning from Start to Finish" pre-conference seminar because you can never get enough performance tuning training!

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